Below are the Rallies and Temporary Holiday Site’s for this year 2023

Please follow local and BCC signs when near to the site, BCC Areas can not accept liability for the route chosen by your Satelite Navigation System.

Notice is hereby given that the Derbyshire Area AGM will be held on Saturday 18th March at Royal Oak, Car Colston at 6pm. Notices of motion to be sent to Mr K Jackson, 15 Abbey Road, Bingham, Notts. NG13 8EE  no later than 60 days prior. Nomination for committee must be given to the above 14 days before the AGM.

Individual Membership cards must be shown.

Date – 16th – 20th March                                                                                                                    Place – Royal Oak, Car Colston, NG13 8JE                                                                                              Stewards  – Keith 07973532289

Date – 6th – 17th April                                                                                                                          Place – White House Farm, Grange Farm, Market Rasen, LN8 3YF                                                    Stewards – Vivienne/Richard 07900072133  and Sue/Gareth 07941602867

Date – 27th April – 15th May                                                                                                                  Place – Manor Lodge Farm, Ludham, NR29 5NP                                                                    Stewards – Vivienne/Richard  07900072133 and Glynis/Steve 07967383324 

Date – 18th May – 12th June                                                                                                                Place – Grange Farm, Wainfleet, PE24  4EU                                                                              Stewards – Sue/Gareth 07941602867 and Vivienne/Richard 07900072133

D ate – 20th June – 17th July                                                                                                             Place – Uppertown Farm, Carsington Waters DE6 1NR                                                     Stewards – Vivienne/Richard 07900072133 and Sue/Gareth 07941602867

Date – 20th July – 31st July                                                                                                                Place –  Holme Lea, Louth, /LN11 8JQ                                                                                        Stewards – Glynis/Steve 07967383324 and Vivienne/Richard  07900072133  

Date – 7th September – 2nd October                                                                                                Place –  Uppertown Farm, Carsington Waters DE6 1NR                                                                Stewards – Vivienne/Richard  07900072133 and Keith 07973532289

Date – 5th October – 16th October Place – Peak Rail, Rowsley, DE4 2LF               Stewards – Vivienne/Richard  07900072133 and Keith 07973532289

Date – 26th October – 31st October  Place – Royal Oak, Car Colston, NG13 8JE  Stewards – Glynis/Steve 07967383324


We look forward to seeing everyone on the field for another great season.

The Camping and Caravanning Club

Greenfields House

Westwood Way



Company Registration Number: 445520 England

VAT Reg. No. 238 4588 29